Start of Class Procedures:

  • Line up outside the classroom and wait to be invited in.

  • Noise level is 0 in the hallway

  • Find your seat

  • Ms. Hedrick will call you to get your science journal

  • You have 1 minute to pick your seat

  • Enter class and sit down silently, start and complete bell ringer. Total 5 MInutes.

  • If you finish your bell ringer before the 5 allotted minutes. Work silently on other work or read a book from the library. Do not talk to the people around you.

  • Once bell ringer is complete sit silently as we move into our lesson.

Answering Question

  • Raise hands and wait until you are called on

  • Respect other people who are speaking and do not speak over them

  • Do not talk over Ms. Hedrick

Early Finisher Work

  • Early finishers may work quietly on early finisher work

  • Science Journal: Students may work on organizing their interactive journals, adding new or missed information.

  • Students may work on homework/textbook reading

  • Students may pick a book from the library. Only one person can be at the library area at a time.

Group Procedures: When moving into groups

  • Move into group silently

  • When in groups speak in a library level speaking voice (Level 1)

  • Complete the group job you are responsible for

  • Only the materials person will collect/distribute lab materials

End of Class Procedure

  • Begin cleaning up when asked

  • All trash  must be thrown away and materials must be cleaned up before transitioning to line

  • Homeroom clean up your breakfast mess, including anything that was wasted on the table

  • Put work materials away in appropriate place

  • Push chairs in/ put flexible seating away in the correct bin/ area

  • The teacher dismisses class not the bell

Lining Up Procedure

  • I will call you to line up . When you line up, put your journal away in your class bin

  • Line up against the cabinets- silently

  • Line up at where the tape is on the floor

  • Do not touch any materials, sinks or student bags while in line

  • While lining up we are silent as we transition into the hall noise level is 0.

Pencil Sharpening Procedure

  • Pencils should be sharpened before class begins

  • If necessary, you must put your pencil in the air and wait patiently to be called on.

  • Invest in a hand held pencil sharpener to carry with you in your binder to use when needed

  • If you need to sharpen a pencil you have a maximum of 1 minute to do so. Instructional time, will not stop while a scholar sharpens a pencil.

Bathroom Procedures

  • Scholars should utilize the bathroom before classroom instruction begins.

  • Restroom passes will not be permitted outside of assigned breaks

  • Extreme situations will be handled on a case by case bases

Phone Call Procedures

  • If the phone in the class rings, students should continue working while the teacher answers

  • If we are in the middle of lecture/note taking students should read their book  while teacher handles phone call

  • Cell phone are prohibited in the classroom

  • If you are using your cellular phone in class it will be taken away and you retrieve it at the end of the day from administration. 2nd offense  your parents  will have to be pick it up, 3rd time phone will be taken until the end of year.

  • Arguing about cell phone procedures could result in your phone being taken for the year.

I am a citizen of this classroom and understand that I am expected to follow classroom guidelines. I will do my best to follow procedures.

Name________________________________________         Date{______________________________


  • Stickes are given out to students following procedures and showing PRIDE.  In cases of excellent behavior mustang bucks are also given.

  • 3 stickers= Pencil

            3 stickers= Eraser

                   6 stickers = Mechanical pencil  

10 Stickers= Prize from prize box. Prize box is done at    the end of the day. Stop by my class on your way to the bus.

Stars are also given for A’s on tests/quizzes and projects.